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Chlorine Genie


Sanitize your pool daily for under $3.00 per month!

More Fun! - Less Hassle!


There is NO safer, easier, less expensive, environmentally friendly, or drought friendly way to SANITIZE a residential or commercial pool!

If you would like:


- To have crystal clear water

- To swim in non-irritating, aerated, soft-feeling water

- To stop buying pool sanitizing chemicals

- To reduce your hours of filtering time

- To have your pool full of fresh (not salty) water

- To adjust your pH with a flip of a switch

- To have your pool sanitized DAILY for less than $30 PER YEAR







How the Chlorine Genie Works:


In one single cell the Chlorine Genie uses less energy than a single light bulb! The CHLORINE GENIE uses as electrolytic cell submerged in softened, brine water contained in the units' brine tank. This cell breaks the salt and water into its basic elements: chloride, sodium, hydrogen & oxygen ions. The chloride ions combine to make pure chlorine which is then mixed with water and dispensed into the pool. The sodium combines with the hydrogen and oxygen and is used for pH control. The GENIE can be installed on the equipment pad and can be installed totally independant from the filtering system for maximum electrical savings. Salt is added to the unit, not the pool, which solves a myriad of problems.

While manufacturing pure chlorine, the Genie also delivers a mild acid and a mild base product. With a simple adjustment, the pH of most pools can be kept in perfect balance.

For Commercial Pools:


FOR COMMERCIAL POOLS the Chlorine Genie also can produce copper/silver ions. This combination reduces the demand for chlorine up to 80%! Studies show that disinfecton by copper and silver ions in combination with low levels of chlorine is an effective and superior alternative to conventional treatment of swimming pool water!

Both copper and silver have been used for centuries to disinfect water. The Vikings used copper strings on their ships to prevent growth of algae and shells. Modern ships still use the same technology. Most anti-fouling paints contain copper as it reduces growth of marine species on the walls of ships. The early Greeks used copper and silver coins to improve drinking water quality. Some European and Russian villages have been using silver for drinking water treatment for many years. Copper-Silver ionization was further developed in both Europe and the United States in the 1950's, and research has shown the synergistic effect when water containing microorganisms is subjected to copper/silver ion treatment with low levels of chlorine.

Copper and Silver ions are chemically stable, do not form objectionable by-products and do not escape the water by volatilization. Some microorganisims )Legionella, Pneumophilia and Polio among others) have developed resistance to chlorine but are inactivated by copper/silver ions; however, the process of inactivating bacteria and algae is slower than other methods. Chlorine is fast acting. a great oxidizing agent, and is readily available. THe combination of copper/silver ions and low level chlorine is ideal for treating swimming pool water.


The commercial free standing on-site Chlorine Genie manufactures chlorine from salt which is placed in the unit itself, and produces copper/silver ions from the copper/silver loop installed in the pool's return line. The system provides crystal-clear swimming pool water that is safe for swimming, non-irritating (no eye, nose or skin irritation), no bleaching, low maintenance, no build-up of stabilizers, ease of operation, and very environmentally friendly!!

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