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Hot tubs of all shapes and sizes

I am knowledgeable of all hot tubs from Jacuzzi to Diamante. Hot tubs, self contained and built in.
Having been in the business, I have gotten to work with most brands of hot tubs.


I will troubleshoot the tub, to find exactly what is wrong with it. Also I will give you the best estimate for repairs so you can choose the option that best suits you. I also will seek your approval before repairs are made.. 


I have repaired most brands of motors and pumps.
I have been to service seminars on electric & gas heaters. I have replaced jets in many brands of hot tubs & can replace the broken or missing jet inserts.
PVC plumbing leaks, valve repair or replacement, & air control systems are repairs I have much experience with. I also can repair or replace blowers & ozonators. I can also replace your filter cartridges

Water balancing and chemicals

Making sure your water is balanced and you are using the correct chemicals is an essential part of your hot tub. I can help you understand that chemistry and to train you on how to do it properly. When your water chemistry is off it can RUIN PUMPS, HEATERS, PLUMBING, AS WELL AS JET INSERTS.

Replacement Spa Covers

Is your cover heavy or waterlogged? Does it fit properly? Maybe you want a new color. I sell heat welded seam covers. They are not as prone to filling with water as fast as stitched covers. A bad cover can cost much in higher utility costs. It can also allow debris to collect in the tub clogging filters and suction fittings that can lead to damage. 

Electronic Control Systems

I have experience in simple air button systems up to the latest solid state electronic control systems. I can diagnose, repair, or replace them.


On a case by case basis I will do pool repairs. I have been trained on and have experience in pool pumps, filter systems, ( sand, cartridge, and DE), and gas heaters. I have also been trained on electric pool covers and have worked on many. Pool water chemistry is very important and I can instruct on the proper water balances and testing.

Hooking up Hot Tubs​

Many electricians will not actually connect the wiring to the hot tub. Even on brand new installations. I can do it. I can also verify it is wired correctly.

Chlorine Genie

I sell the amazing Chlorine Genie for pools. Its a product that I fully stand behind. Its a much better way to sanitize your pool. These work great in any pool either commercial or residental. Its hassle free and eas to use. Feel free to check out this link and to email me with questions regarding this product!

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